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BETO, Create Products Appreciated and Remembered mission
  • Focusing design in innovation and also in value engineering. In the rapidly changing business climate, constantly upgrading and increasing manufacturing strength. Making something appreciated and remembered by consumer public is sometimes more desirable and meaningful than making more profit and sales. It is a pride of our intellectual effort we need to carry on.
  • Be The Original (Beto) is the fuel to our everlasting pursuit of being a different company. Beto owns over 300 patents in various categories which makes us preferable by most of our customers. The difference comes from innovation, just like building a firewall to separate us among numerous Me-Too.

BETO, Extending Care Beyond the Company
  • From the day one, the purpose of our business is not only to enrich the entrepreneur's own wellness and all the crew's life but also to extend our care to the needed outside the company. It has become a tradition. In the 2014 National Charity Award Ceremony we are the only candidate among all the award-winners granted with Honorable Mention for our long term  support to poverty family with donation exceeding 8-digit amount.

BETO care about products and care about people. We want to be a company blessed and appreciated.


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