Tubeless Tire Introduction

BETO_Tubeless Tire
The upcoming trend of the Tubeless Tire

● What is different for a tubeless tire compares to ordinary ones?
Structurally, it tightly connects tire bead and rim by high pressure in order to be airtight.

● What are the advantages of tubeless tire?
The advantages of the tubeless tire includes lower rolling resistance, riding comfort, and swerving stability. Moreover, with the supplementary of tire sealant, air leaks slower while getting a flat tire and you will have more time to deal with it. Also, it will remarkable decrease the probability of tire blowing out.

However, on the other side, there comes another challenge for pumping up a tubeless tire, it requires a certain amount of air flow for holding up tires to a certain extent, otherwise air may leak from tire and rim within. In this case, it normally needs an air compressor to pump a tubeless tire than a normal pump. An alternative solution can be high pressure air accumulator, which allows compressed air go directly to tubeless tire continuously, providing large airfow to pop-seal tubeless tire's bead.

Tubeless tires have been developed in the mountain bike for many years, while it just became popular for road bike very recently. With disc brake becoming mainstream instead of old caliper brake, the wider design of road bike wheel becomes possible, so that factories are able to design compatible frame in order to ride on the graveled path. However, with increased width of tires compared to traditional tire structure, the friction of the inner tube and cover tire should have not to be ignored. From all perspective, the tubeless tire is turning to be the mainstream.
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