One For All

Commodity code : CFL-003AGD

Composite handle w/ball needle set stored in handle
Super-Light Tube-in-Tube structure with internal hidden burst tank
Need only 8 strokes to fill 160psi burst tank
Oversized 4" industrial gauge for easy reading
Tank Mode (Lever Down): To store air in the burst tank
Release Mode (Lever Up):To fill the burst tank for sitting tubeless tire
Keep lever up for general pumping purpose
Patented Auto Head fits Schrader/Presta

  • CFL-003AGD

    OFA Tubeless Patented
    Taiwan PAT.I596277
    AH Head Patented
    USA PAT. 7866335
    DE PAT. 102008006286
  • CFL-003AGD 英文版 Step1-01CFL-003AGD 英文版 Step2-01CFL-003AGD 英文版 Step3-01CFL-003AGD 英文版 Step4-01
  • Model NO. Color Options Weight (g) Height (cm) Base Width (cm) Gauge Max PSI Tube Diameter (mm) Material
    CFL-003AGD RD 1900 73 37 4" Industrial 160 Ø37(external)/Ø32(inner)mm Plastic/Alloy/Steel
  • "OFA(One For All Tubeless), an alloy floor pump with the capability to seat tubeless tires. Its lightweight tube-in-tube structure features an internal burst tank. Needing only eight strokes to fill, this can then be released to pop tubeless tires into place. With the flip of a lever the pump switches between modes. In both, a patented auto-head and oversized gauge make for easy operation."
    by ShowDaily 2018 Reporter
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