Transformer 17

Commodity code : CCO-017AGN / AGLN

Can be used as a hand pump or portable mini floor pump
Flip-Head with hose fits Schrader/Presta 
Ø25mm alloy Teles. barrels
Telescoping function for Hi-Volume/Hi-Pressure modes
Patented Pinch-Free T-handle
Patented 90° rotatable integrated 1.5"gauge/foot base

rdda_winner 2013_CS3     2012 Good Design Award     2013 Taipei Cycle d&i awards
  • Transformer 17-Overview
    FH Head Patented
    Taiwan PAT. M420594
    China PAT. 201120370604.7
    90º Rotate Patented
    USA PAT. 8932027
    DE PAT. 102011115790
    Japan PAT. 5414855
    Taiwan PAT. I411727
    China PAT. 201110299646.0

    T-handle Patented
    USA PAT. 9651041
    DE PAT. 102011120042
    Taiwan PAT. I393821
    China PAT. 201110037449.1
  • Transformer 17-Step1Transformer 17-Step2Transformer 17-Step3Transformer 17-Step4

    CMP-139AGF Feature-2-01CMP-139AGF Feature-1-01 CCO-017AGN  CCO-017AGLN Feature-01CCO-017AGN  CCO-017AGLN Mounting-01

  • Model NO. Color Options Weight (g) Length (cm)  Hose (cm) Gauge Max PSI Special Features Material
    CCO-017AGN SL 175 29 18 1.5" 160  Teles. Function/90° Rotatable Gauge Plastic/Alloy
    CCO-017AGLN SL 185 29 27 1.5" 160  Teles. Function/90° Rotatable Gauge Plastic/Alloy
    CCO-020AGN SL 165 29 18 1.5" 120 90° Rotatable Gauge Plastic/Alloy
    CCO-020AGLN SL 160 29 27 1.5" 120 90° Rotatable Gauge Plastic/Alloy
  • For the hand pumps equipped with the gauge, most of them have bulky difficult-to-read hunchback pencil type gauge atop of barrel. The design of this hand pump solves all the problems once for all. The 30 mm diameter analog gauge is encased in a rotatable base which provides not only easy reading but also better ergonomic factors to grip. Furthermore, the metal foot-pad built together with rotatable gauge housing allows user to grab it firmly like Carbine machine gun for more natural power output. The 90° rotatable design makes the gauge have a perfect viewing angle. Switchable two-section telescoping barrels offer either high volume or high pressure mode. Last but not the least, a patented in-line Schrader/Presta flip-head with 8”hose can greatly reduce the chance to damage the valve stem on the wheel. Many unique features of this hand pump are the first of its kind in this century-old product.

    This design solves all the problems. Metal footpad offers good reading angle and allows user to grab it firmly like Carbine machine gun.
    by Good Design 2012 Evaluation
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