RapidAir Urban

Commodity code : CMP-135SG5

Composite handle
Ø34mm steel barrel w/steel&plastic base
Super Low-Profile 3.5" pressure gauge  
Dual Valve LD Head fits Schrader/Presta
*Pump valve may vary in different countries

  • RapidAir Basic


  • RapidAir Urban  Step1RapidAir Urban-Step2RapidAir Urban-Step3 RapidAir Urban-Step4
  • Model NO. Color Options Weight (g) Height (cm) Base Width (cm) Gauge Max PSI Tube Diameter (mm) Special Features Material
    CMP-135SG5 YL/RD/BK 1180 66 23 3.5" 160 Ø34 Taipei Cycle d&i awards 2013 Plastic/Steel/Steel&Plastic

    Pump valve varies in different countries.
  • This design redues the number of parts by combining 1) check valve assembly, 2) pressure gauge mechanis, and 3) hose outlet all together in one part that can be encased in base which is no more than 15 mm in height. Traditionally, for the existing pumps, these 3 parts are in different places which mean a lot of parts & work. Now, one single part takes all. Additionally, this design makes base become the face of gauge. The result is an exceptionally clean look floor pump. It truly gives a fresh look and different thoughts for designing a pump.

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