QikFix Supreme

Commodity code : BT-343

Patented chain cutter w/chain retainer (Auto-centering Chain cutter)
Chain retainers can hold the chain in place on both sides.
Can use the chain cutter pushing pin in/out easily.
CO2 nozzle fits Schrader/Presta
Allen keys 2, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
Torx 25/30 wrench
Philip/Flat screwdriver
Open wrench 10mm
Spoke wrench 3.23, 3.3, 3.45, 3.96mm
Spoke wrench for Mavic

    Design Award
  • QikFix Supreme

    • Keep CO2 cartidge out of reach of children.
    • To avoid frostbite please DO NOT trouch CO2 cartridge body when using.
    • Do not store CO2 cartridge in temperature above 120°F, for example car trunk, or under direct sunlight.
    • Before unscrewing CO2 cartridge from inflator hose, always unscrew half turn and wait for few seconds to leak out residual CO2 completely.

    Chain Link Remover Tool Patented
    USA PAT. 8424139
    Taiwan PAT. I392564
    China PAT. 201110073871.2

  • Model NO. Weight (g) Length (cm) Width (cm) TIre Levers CONozzle  Chain Cutter Chain Retainer Glus Less Patches Meterial
    BT-343 115 6.7 3.9 X O O O X Alloy Steel
    BT-341 110 9.4 5.3 O O X X O Alloy Steel
    BT-342 100 5.3 3.9 X X O O X Alloy Steel
    BT-345 80 4.8 3.5 X O X X X Alloy Steel
  • " A compact, beautifully put-together bicycle maintenance tool with a removable grip that makes this product exceptionally easy to use when it is attached. It was a real feat to design it so that the tools are tightly packed into the two-sided, chassis-like structure but can be readied for use at a single touch. When the product is in storage mode and the tools have to be carried to the location where a bicycle is to be repaired, they need to be carefully stored, but they also have to be ready for use at a moment's notice. This product admirably fulfills both these user needs. "
    by Good Design 2011 Evaluation

    " This bicycle pocket tool is compact enough but still not losing any ergonomic factor to grip comfortably. Regardless its compact size, it integrates with all the necessary tools required for roadside emergency repair. All the tool bits are CNC machined to have precision smooth look. CO2 inflator is purposely positioned at center to provide user better handling and meantime avoid discomfort from frozen CO2 capsule. The patent-pending auto-centering visor-like cap atop of chain cutter is able to snap-fit most of popular chains at perfect center so as to give hassle-free chain cutting. Beyond these first-of-its-kind functional improvements, the design of this pocket tool also gives fresh look and outstands itself from competition. "
    by BETO Engineer


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