QikFix Ultra

Commodity code : BT-342

Patented chain cutter w/chain retainer (Auto-centering Chain cutter)
Chain retainers can hold the chain in place on both sides.
Can use the chain cutter pushing pin in/out easily.
Allen keys 2, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
Philip/Flat screwdriver
Open wrench 10mm
Torx 25/30 wrench
Spoke wrench 3.23, 3.3, 3.45, 3.96mm
Spoke wrench for Mavic

  • QikFix Ultra
    Chain Link Remover Tool Patented
    USA PAT. 8424139
    Taiwan PAT. I392564
    China PAT. 201110073871.2
  • Model NO. Weight (g) Length (cm) Width (cm) TIre Levers CONozzle Chain Cutter Chain Retainer Glus Less Patches Meterial
    BT-342 100 5.3 3.9 X X O O X Alloy Steel
    BT-341 110 9.4 5.3 O O X X O Alloy Steel
    BT-343 115 6.7 3.9 X O O O X Alloy Steel
    BT-345 80 4.8 3.5 X O X X X Alloy Steel
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