Transformer 139

Commodity code : CMP-139AGF

Patented all alloy folding handle for compact storage
Patented 90° rotatable integrated gauge/foot base
Ø29mm alloy barrel
Flip-Head fits Schrader/Presta 

  • Transformer 139-Overview
    FH Head Patented
    Taiwan PAT. M420594
    China PAT. 201120370604.7

    T-handle Patented
    USA PAT. 9133831
    Taiwan PAT. I518244
    China PAT. 201210437801.5

    90°  Rotatable Pressure Gauge Patented
    USA PAT. 8932027
    DE PAT. 102011115790
    Japan PAT. 5414855
    Taiwan PAT. I411727
    China PAT. 201110299646.0
  • Transformer 139Transformer 139Transformer 139Transformer 139
    Transformer 139-FeatureTransformer 139- Feature
  • Model NO. Color Options Weight (g) Height (cm) Base Width (cm) Gauge Max PSI Tube Diameter (mm) Special Features Material
    CMP-139AGF SL 800 70 18 1.5" industrial  160 Ø29 90° Rotatable Guage
    Folding Handle
  • Mobility is the focus of this design. Most floor pumps have butterfly base and fixed T-handle, which is bulky to carry & store. The design of the pressure gauge & foot pad is smartly combined in a slant-joint structure to fold either in line with barrel or unfold like regular floor pump.The handle can also be folded in line or locked 90° with piston shaft. It can transform in a few motions.   

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