Beto 100A

Commodity code : CMP-100AG1
27" Alloy Floor Pump w/Gauge

Fully wrapped soft Kraton handle
2" industrial gauge on top
Tear-Drop shape alloy barrel w/steel base
Patented dual head fits Schrader/Presta
*Pump valve varies in different countries.


  • CMP-100AG1

  • LD6 HEAD Step1LD6 HEAD Step2LD6 HEAD Step3LD6 HEAD Step4
  • Model NO. Color Options Weight (g) Height (cm) Base Width (cm) Guage Max PSI Tube Diameter (mm) Material
    CMP-100AG1 SL 1370 69.5 22.5 2" Industrial  160 Tear-Drop Shape Plastic/Alloy/Steel

    Pump valve varies in different countries.
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